Strong East/South East’erly winds put paid to any sailing on Friday evening and Saturday for the Redwings & One-Designs, however as forecast, Sunday was much nicer and two Redwings & three One-Designs enjoyed some very close racing.

7May17 - rw start       7May17 - bod startr1

The Redwings wanted one longer race, and the One-Designs two shorter races so the ROs (Mike Samuelson & Alexis Dogilewski) set up a line to the south of Janson with Derrick as the windward mark for the Redwings and Tara as the leeward mark.  Although this worked, it was decided to change the course after the first round with Warner becoming the windward mark.  Jonathan Nainby-Luxmoore in No 5 Snow Goose had the slight advantage at the start over No 11 Toucan helmed by Colin Samuelson.  However there was very little in it and although at one stage it looked as if Colin’s tactics of initially keeping inshore at the start of the long beat to Warner, it was in fact Jonathan who rounded first.  On the long run back, Colin was able to just squeeze past to round Garland a couple of boat lengths in front.  On the final beat to Nainby, he was rewarded with a couple of helpful wind shifts and finished about 40 seconds in front.

7May17 - 11_5

The three One-Designs meanwhile also had some close racing.  In the first race, Mark Grzegorczyk in No 9 made an excellent start on port tack at the pin end, however Jos Coad in No 8 sailing single handed was never that far away on the short two round course with Janson as the windward mark and Under Tyne as the leeward mark.  William Bland in No 12 with the new Club Coach, Max,  as his crew was a bit off the pace so was very much in follow mode.  For the second race, Peter Truman took over as the helm of No 9 and Max helmed No 12.  All three boats made good starts however Max, who was helming a One-Design for the first time, quickly found out that you can’t race them as one does a dinghy so although he was pointing well, his boat speed was down which meant that No 12 picked up a second third place of the day.  Jos in No 8 & Peter in No 9 were initially quite close but Jos pulled away after a well crafted rounding of the windward mark and finished at Nainby nearly a minute ahead.

7May17 - bodstartr2

7May17 - jc


Next weekend racing on Saturday starts at 12:00 and on Sunday the Edwardian Race starts at 12:30.”