Dear Fellow Member
I am sad to have to inform you that Mike MacInnes has resigned as a Trustee of Bembridge Sailing Club.
Mike has concluded that, as a result of the continuing dialogue that we are engaged in with the harbour owners, Malcolm and Fiona Thorpe, his position as a senior Trustee of Bembridge Harbour Trust represented a conflict of interest with his Trusteeship at BSC. This presented him with a significant dilemma, having strong loyalties to both organisations. After careful consideration he concluded that he could make a greater future contribution to Bembridge Harbour Trust, which he helped to found and then served as Chairman for many years and has therefore decided to resign from his Trusteeship at BSC.
Mike was our Senior Trustee, having been elected to the position in 2006. He was due to retire in 2019. Previously, Mike served as Commodore from 2002-3, during which time he oversaw the successful construction of the new building, on time and within budget. He also negotiated the successful acquisition of our long leases with the then harbour owner in 2003-4.
I would like to thank Mike on behalf of all of us for the huge contribution that he has made to BSC over the years and to say that we will miss his wise counsel and sound judgement as a Trustee. We will still be able to call on these going forward in an informal manner.
For the time being, the Club will have two Trustees, with Ivon Brabazon and Eddie Fremantle continuing in office. At the AGM next August, new candidates will be proposed to fill the spaces left vacant by Mike and Jos Coad, to take the number of Trustees back up to four again.

Your sincerely
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