What are the Club’s Committees and how do I get involved?

  • See the “Governance” section under the Secretariat here.
  • If you would like to get involved, the first port of call is to contact the Club Secretary/General Manager.

How do I find out what is going on at the Club?

  • Watch out for “Porthole”, the monthly e-newsletter here. This contains most of the information concerning upcoming events and how to book into them. It also includes details of past events, so you can catch up on what you missed!
  • If you want a little more notice about what is happening, check out the website ‘Calendar’ – this contains everything that is happening throughout the year, and is updated regularly to include, details, booking forms, attendance lists and additional info – make sure you are logged in, using your members login and password, if you want to access Member event details!

I have friends/relations staying, can I bring them into the Club?

  • Yes, you certainly can and please do! However, in accordance with the club rules covering guests, they should be signed in the Visitors Book that you will find on the right hand side of the bar.
  • For full details see Welcome to Visitors page here.

What are the bar and catering hours? 

  • Please check the top of our Home page for Opening Times as they are subject to seasonal change.
  • Every Friday is ‘Friday Night Suppers‘ from 6-8pm.

What are the main social events on the Calendar?

Our main social events normally include the following:

  • Easter weekend – Maundy Thursday Ladies Annual Lunch, Easter Sunday Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Sunday Lunch
  • Late May Bank Holiday Saturday evening – a Musical Event, Party or Club Supper
  • June – Classic Car Rally (dates vary)
  • Late July – Club BBQ
  • August – Salamander Ball (13 – 17 age group), Summer Ball/Party, Regatta Supper
  • Late September – Laying-Up Supper
  • November – Charity Christmas Fair
  • December – Carols, Christmas Lunch & New Years Eve Party

What routine social events are there? Currently these include:

  • every Monday morning – Coffee Morning from 10/11am
  • on the third Thursday of the month – Club Lunch
  • on the second Monday evening of the month – Scrabble/Rummikub
  • on the last Friday evening of the month – No Fears Bridge
  • monthly Scottish Dancing Practise and Supper
  • during the peak summer period, there are Discos every week for the Cadets
  • Please note that the Games Evenings and Club Lunch are not held during the peak Summer season of July & August

 How do I book for Sunday Lunch, Friday Night Supper, Saturday Lunch or a Club Event?

  • Please email or call us on 01983 872237
  • Where applicable, it is usual for members to be allocated a shared table with other Members, this is a great way for you to get to know fellow Members and keeps with the friendly inclusive ethos the Club strives for.

What if I need to amend or cancel a booking?

  • Please e-mail or telephone the office on 01983 872237 at least 48 hours beforehand. Otherwise you will be charged for the vent, as we are committed to staffing and food provision.
  • For events where tickets are issued (i.e. Summer Ball, ‘Opera on the Run’), every effort will be made to “sell on” unwanted tickets, but this cannot be guaranteed. If we are unable to resell them, you will be charged.

Can I use the club for member weddings, funerals and private parties?

Does the Club have a dress code?

  • Yes; a copy is included in new Members “Welcome” pack.
  • Members should dress appropriately for each particular occasion.

What is the Club policy regarding the use of Mobile Phones & Computers?

  • The Club has WiFi available throughout the Clubhouse. The password can be found on a board in the bar or ask in the office.
  • Laptops may be used quietly at all times in the Library, Vernon Stratton Room and on the balcony unless these areas are busy, or are being used for courses or other higher priority events.
  • In an attempt not be too prescriptive, members are asked to use their common sense and consider others when using electronic equipment.
  • Members should not use their phones inside the Club.
  • See the Club Rules for full details.

Where can I park my car?

  • There is a car park for use by members and guests opposite the Club (park at your own risk).
  • To help identify members we have “car parking” stickers Burgees that can be purchased from the office.
  • Parking is available along the Harbour Strand side of Embankment Road opposite the Club, on a first come first served basis, however please do not park on the Club side of the road.
  • There are three spaces on the gravel between the Club and the Toll Gate Café – again on a first come first served basis, but please no large cars as they intrude onto the pavement.
  • In low season (not July and August) providing you are displaying a BSC car parking sticker, you may use the Car Park on Bembridge Point without having to pay.

Where can I smoke?

  • No smoking is allowed within Club buildings (including the bar & any marquees or tents). Smoking is permitted on open balconies.
  • Please, for obvious reasons, do not smoke near the fuel quay!

Can I bring my dog in?

  • We do allow dogs in the dinghy park and on the balconies, but not in the Club building, at all quiet times of the year.
  • Dogs must always be on a lead and all dog mess should be cleared up and removed from site.
  • We do not allow dogs inside the Club buildings or anyway within the Club premised during peak times, i.e. July and August.
  • However, we turn a blind eye if in transit to a boat on the pontoon.

Is there anywhere I can leave “valuables” at the Club whilst I am out on the water?

  • You can leave car keys, etc., in the office – at your own risk.

Are there any restrictions on young children being in the Club?

  • Only in the bar during July & August.
  • You are requested to ensure that children are always adequately supervised.
  • Using the lift unaccompanied is not advised.
  • Please accompany all children on pontoons and should always wear a suitable buoyancy aid.

What happens to Lost Property?

  • Valuables will normally be put behind the bar or in the office.
  • If you have left clothing upstairs or on the balconies, they will normally be put on the pegs outside the upstairs M & F toilets.
  • Clothing that is left downstairs will normally be put into the “lost property” buckets in the M & F changing rooms.
  • All lost property is usually sorted on a regular basis and any unmarked items are disposed of, therefore please mark your clothing so it can be returned to the owner.

What do I need to be aware of as far as “Exclusion of Liability” goes?

  • See page 10 of the Year Book (2016). Rule 50 of the Club Constitution & Rules 2012 says the following:
    “Members, their Guests and Associate Members are bound by the following Rule which shall also be exhibited in a prominent place within the Club premises – “Members of the Club, their Guests or Associate Members may use the Club premises and any other facilities of the Club and participate in events organised by the Club (whether land or sea-based) entirely at their own risk and impliedly accept that:
    (a) The Club will not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of property belonging to Members, their Guests or Associate Members to the Club.
    (b) The Club will not accept any liability for personal injury arising out of the use of the Club premises and any other facilities of the Club either sustained by Members, their Guests or Associate Members or caused by the said Members, Guests or Associate Members whether or not such damage or injury could have been attributed to or was occasioned by the neglect, default or negligence of any of them, the Flag Officers, Management Committee or servants of the Club.”
  • Before inviting any Guest onto the Club premises or to participate in any event organised by the Club, Members shall bring this rule to the attention of the proposed Guest.
  • To see the full Club Rules, please click here.

Are there any Health & Safety responsibilities that I need to be aware of?

  • The Club’s H&S Statement states that all members and their guests are responsible for:
  1. their own health & safety and for that of any minor of whom they are the parent or guardian and for the health & safety of all other persons at the Club who may be affected by their acts or omissions;
  2. reporting any hazard or potential hazard known to them to the Safety Officer (Club Secretary or Samantha Mumford);
  3. ensuring that they only organise racing when adequate safety cover is available;
  4. ensuring that they adopt the same standards of care expected of a parent when they organise activities for those under the age of 18.

Does BSC have Reciprocal Membership with any other Clubs?

  • During the winter, reciprocal arrangements are available with the following Island based Clubs: Brading Haven Yacht Club (the other Bembridge Harbour Club), Sea View YC, Royal Solent YC, Royal Ocean Racing Club Cowes, Royal Victoria YC, Island SC & Royal London YC.
  • You should always sign in when visiting another Club. Not withstanding the absence of any formal agreements, many Clubs both home & abroad, welcome visiting members.
  • Please contact the General Manager/Club Secretary (Gemma Wall if you would like a letter of introduction.

How do I purchase a ferry ticket? 

  • See the Travel Page here.

What is the tipping policy?

  • A “no tipping policy” operates throughout the Club. Members are therefore encouraged to contribute to the annual Staff Fund.
  • Donations should always be channeled through the office.
  • There will be a form on the Noticeboard or you can complete a chit and pass it to the Financial Controller.

If I have a concern about anything, who should I approach first?

  • Any compliment, complaint or concern should be raised with any of the Flag Officers or the General Manager/Club Secretary, Gemma Wall, either in person, by phone or via email.

I have an idea as to how the Club could be better organised/better run – who do I talk to?

  • Talk to one of the Flag Officers or Gemma Wall the General Manager/Club Secretary.

When is the AGM and am I expected to attend?

  • The AGM is normally on the Sunday evening after the Club’s annual Regatta in mid-August.
  • If you are able to attend then it is obviously an excellent opportunity to hear how the Club is doing.
  • Most male members will wear a jacket & tie.
  • The Agenda and supporting paperwork will be circulated to members via email at least 2 weeks beforehand.

I am moving Overseas for a period, how do I become an Overseas Member?

  • Providing you are going to be away for at least a year based in a country “outside” Europe, then you can apply to become an Overseas member and pay a reduced annual subscription.
  • Please contact the General Manager/Club Secretary before you depart overseas to discuss.

What are The Shrimps?

  • The ‘Bembridge Shrimps Club’ was started in 2007 to make it easier for Mums (not to mention Dads and grandparents) to get together and introduce a new generation to the Club family.
  • It is usually held in the last week of August.
  • The Queen Shrimps work tirelessly to include all newcomers, from the tiniest babies to when they start their Oppy courses.
  • For more information visit the shrimps webpage here. Alternatively e-mail the King or Queen Shrimp at

What are the rules about resigning?

  • We are always sorry when members decide that they no longer wish to remain members, however we fully appreciate that circumstances & priorities do change.
  • Club rules require resignations to be lodged with the General Manager/Club Secretary by 1st November for the following year, otherwise the following year’s subscription is required to be paid.
  • Resignations can be by letter, e-mail or of course, in person.
  • If you subsequently find that you want to re-join, there are tiered rates. Please contact Tanya at the office for further details (
  • For most, the reasons for resigning are a change in circumstances or family wanting to do something else, however do please let the General Manager/Club Secretary know if it is for a less obvious reason.

How do I book a parking slot for a RIB or Sailing Dinghy?

  • We only have a very limited number of RIB/Motorboat Pontoon berths and there is a waiting list.
  • To join the Pontoon waiting list, contact, by letter or email.
  • Slots for dinghies need to be booked online – any questions should be directed to the Sailing Manager on 01983 872237.
  • If there is a shortage of space for dinghies, priority is given to dinghies that are known to be active.

How do I book a Sailing/Powerboat Course?

Can I insure boats through the Club?

  • All boats using Club facilities must be insured.
  • Oppies, Scows, Lasers, Feva & Topaz can be insured through a scheme that we run centrally. Premiums are extremely competitive and offer value for money.
  • A very simple application form is available from the office or can be downloaded here that must be completed annually.

Is it possible to get a sail/crew in a Redwing or One-Design?

  • Yes, it is, although it will obviously depend to a degree on your competence.
  • The Captain of the One-Design fleet (Michael Toogood) and Redwing Class Captain (Rory Morrison) are certainly very keen to provide opportunities for new members to crew.
  • Turn up at the Club with a buoyancy aid or lifejacket and suitable clothing an hour before the scheduled race time (see the Programme in the Calendar on the Home Page for times) and you will normally always get a sail.
  • There are Redwing and BODA Whatsapp Groups  – see the tab on the Homepage for details of all groups.

How can I get to sail an Illusion?

  • The Illusion Class (mini-12s) sail alternate weekends over the winter from October to the end of April.
  • In October there is an “Introductory Day” to try out the Illusions – contact Serena Gosling on Whatsapp for more information.
  • The standard of racing is very high – particularly at the top – however, we are very keen to encourage people to have a go and there are two “loaner” boats available to hire at minimal cost. Contact Jo Downer ( ) to arrange.

Am I required to help-out on the water?

  • No, we do not require all members to undertake race management or safety boat duties. However, we obviously welcome & encourage any assistance you would like to offer, particularly as assistant race officers.
  • We run regular Race Officer and Powerboat courses click here for more info. We have a real demand for assistants; you do not need to be a sailor, it’s fun, you get out on the water, you’ll understand racing better, you’ll be appreciated and you get a free drink!
  • If your child is attending a summer course, you will be expected to help out as a shore-based Duty Parent or possibly a Beachmaster. Most parents seem to enjoy participating in their children’s learning experience.

Is there a launch service?

  • Yes, the boatmen are always happy to take you to your boat when they are free, but they do get tied up, particularly prior to the start and after the finish of races.

Can I hire a Club RIB or Launch?

  • The current policy is no.  However, if available, they may be borrowed to assist with ‘Supported Sailing’ during the months of July and August.

Where can I find out when High Water is?

  • The Home Page shows daily HW times.
  • The calendar on the Club website includes daily HW times; as does the Programme.

What should I do if my boat breaks down on the water?

  • If you break down away from Bembridge, then you should follow the normal procedures and contact the Coastguard on your VHF radio or mobile phone.
  • Solent Coastguard monitor Ch 67, so unless it is an emergency (May-Day or Pan-Pan) you can talk to them direct on Ch 67.
  • If you break down close to Bembridge and it’s not serious enough to immediately call the Coastguard, you can try calling the office (Bembridge Base) on VHF Channel M2/P2 or use your mobile to 01983 872237 and help will be arranged.

Can I ask the boatman to help me repair my boat?

  • Rod has a wealth of experience and is always more than happy to provide advice, drill the occasional hole or show you how to do an eye splice! However, his workload is very demanding and therefore cannot make extensive repairs to members boats during working hours. It’s probably best to contact one of the local boatyards.

How do I get advice on what boat to buy and what the Club “supported” classes are?

What boat should my child sail?

  • We suggest you discuss matters with the Head of Sailing or explore the Bembridge Sailing Dinghy Club (BSDC) area of this website here.

What is the Club Policy on wearing Lifejackets/Buoyancy Aids?

  • Click here to see the Club Sailing Instructions (SI 3.4 & 3.5) & Sailing Byelaw 3 (pages 15-16 in the Rules and Bye-Laws 2016 booklet).
  • A lifejacket/buoyancy aid must be worn by all children and members under 18 on the pontoons and when afloat on “club” boats.
  • A lifejacket/buoyancy aid must be worn if you are on a BSC RIB.
  • A lifejacket/buoyancy aid must be available and carried when travelling on any Club Launch, also worn if instructed by the senior member present, as advised by the boatman.
  • A lifejacket/buoyancy aid must be worn if you are racing in a dinghy.
  • We obviously encourage members to always wear a lifejacket/buoyancy aid when using their own boats at other times. Likewise “killcords” in RIBs.

I have no idea which is the front or back of a boat – where do I start?

  • Give the Sailing Manager a call on 01983 872237.
  • Consider signing up for the annual GUSTO (Grown Up Sail Training Organisation) which is normally a two half-day non-RYA course in late July, early August.

What Ensign should I display on my boat when in Bembridge waters?

  • A Red Ensign. If you are a member of another Club and have a warrant for an ensign other than a plain red one, the traditional etiquette is that you do not normally display it when in Bembridge.

My children are working towards their Gold/Silver/Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, is the Club involved in the scheme?

If I want to “Part 1″ Register my boat, is it necessary to have its “Port of Registry” permanently marked on the stern?

  • No, we have an exemption to this requirement; you simply need to have “BSC” marked on the stern.

For any further general questions please contact

For further information on Club Rules & Regulations, membership or to contact the General Manager/Club Secretary email

For further information on Sailing & Training contact

For further information on House and Bar & Catering contact

For further information on membership, website queries, merchandise, Porthole or general administration contact

For further information on Financial & Accounts queries contact

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